Common Causes of Pain behind Knee when Bending

Pain behind Knee when Bending

Pain behind Knee when Bending

Pain behind knee is one of the most common health problems. People who are suffering from knee pain are feeling the pain at different times. Some may feel pain behind knee when bending, while others may feel it when walking, running, etc. People who feel pain behind the knee when bending often don’t realize that they have problem with their knee because they feel just fine when walking or even running.

For those who are suffering from pain behind knee when bending, Baker’s Cyst, also known as Popliteal Cyst, is usually the cause. Baker’s Cyst or Popliteal Cyst is the result of arthritis or cartilage tear. The space between the tears in the tendons is filled with fluid and formed the cyst. Because of the cyst, people who are suffering from this knee problem usually find it hard to bend their knee. Even if they could bend the knee, it would be painful.

Baker’s Cyst could cause even more problems. If the cyst ruptures, people who have this knee problem might suffer from pain behind the knee clot. This is caused by blood that fills up space in the knee joint and surrounding cavities. This will cause more pain. Even worse, the blood clot can seriously affect the blood circulation. That’s why people who are suffering from Baker’s Cyst must get it treated immediately and be really careful to prevent the cyst from bursting.

Arthritis can also be the cause of pain behind the knee when bending. People who feel that the pain is increasing from time to time should consult their doctor immediately because it might be the sign of a more serious knee problem. To determine what the problem really is, usually people need to go through diagnostic procedures, such as x-ray, patellar or knee jerk test, and others.

The proper treatment for pain behind the knee when bending depends on which condition caused the knee problem. There are simple home treatments such as taking pain relievers, applying creams, and hot and cold compress. There are also alternative treatments such as acupuncture, acupressure, and going to the chiropractor. But for severe conditions, surgeries might be needed.

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