Back of Knee Pain After Sitting

Back of Knee Pain after SittingMost knee problems are associated with sports and other intense physical activities. However, there are also some knee problems that have nothing to do with sports or other physical activities that require the use of the legs. One of the examples is back of knee pain after sitting. Most people who have this kind of problem are experiencing pain on the back of their knee when they stand up after sitting for a while. The pain usually occurs when they straighten their legs. In some cases, the knee also makes funny noises when moving. This knee problem is not as painful as the ones caused by sports accidents. But still, it needs to be addressed because it affects people’s daily activities.

Back of knee pain after sitting can be caused by the damage of the joint. The damage can be caused by Arthritis (from wear and tear, which is common with age) or other causes. According to experts, some of the risk factors of knee pain after sitting include increasing age, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and family history. To avoid the pain, people who have this kind of knee problem should avoid bending their knee when sitting. To treat this knee problem, they can use icepack, or simply get enough rest. They can also take anti-inflammatory.

Other than back of knee pain after sitting, many people also experience back of knee pain when sitting. This knee problem can be very painful. The pain at the back of the knee becomes worse when sitting because the tendons in the knee are stretched instead of relaxed. But usually, people who have this kind of problem feel fine after they stand up and walked around for a couple of minutes. They can even go up and down stairs without problems. This kind of knee problem can be really disturbing, especially when they are required to sit for a long time, such as when they are driving.

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